Serkan Emre Çiftçi

Trumpet & Synthesizer player, Musician,
Composer, Producer, Programmer.

I was born in İstanbul in 1981. I started my music
career by playing the trumpet when I was 12 yrs
old at Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory
Stage Arts Program and then continued my education
in Music Technologies at Yıldız Technical University
Sound Design Program.

I’ve performed with local and foreign musicians in
many genres such as Classical, Jazz, Blues, Turkish
Classical Music, Latin, Electronic and Experimental
Music. I’ve been a member of the leading art organizations in
Turkey such as Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra,
Cemal Reşit Rey Symphonic Orchestra, Antalya State
Symphonic Orchestra, Istanbul State Theatre and
Emin Fındıkoğlu "Unique Horns" and +12 Bigband.

Since 2007, with Turkey's oldest progressive rock band
Gevende, we released one live and three studio
albums and a soundtrack album for the video game
Monochroma together. We have participated in numerous
prime festivals such as Popkomm (Germany), Istanbul
Jazz Festival (Türkiye), BABEL MED (France), WOMEX
(Greece), Amsterdam Roots Festival (Nederlands).

I also took stage and have been giving concerts
frequently since 2014 with Gökhan Türkmen, one of
Turkey's pop stars. And during this time, I have given
successful performances at numerous domestic and
international festivals and events.

I have been working on software and sound designing
with codes for nearly twenty years. Using the software,
I designed and composed music which is performed
in the U.K. with the mapping and dance show
Substratum in Bristol in 2018. I was awarded "Best
Innovation in Sound" award given by the Theater and
Technology Awards in 2021 with this composition.

I released the album of my own solo project and two
collaboration albums using the same software. 

In my twenty-seven-year career, besides corporate
music structures such as symphonies and theaters, I
have been involved in many national and international
projects and albums.

I’ve produced, composed and played for various
performance art projects from different disciplines like
Tork Dance Company, Çıplak Ayaklar Dance Company,
“OnAir” Dance and Flying Effects Show at Scenography
Biennial (Stuttgart) and ResFest Video Festival and
Atölye CUT’s play “Scener ur e äktenskap” by
Ingmar Bergman.

I am currently playing with "Babelfis" and "Turkish Retro Night" bands on stage in Berlin.

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