Serkan Emre Çiftçi

Trumpet & Synthesizer player, Puredata enthusiast, Composer, Producer, Musician

He is well-known for his characteristic trumpet and synthesizer sounds in internationally acclaimed band Gevende and in Gökhan Türkmen Band. He studied trumpet at Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Stage Arts Program and Music Technologies at Yıldız Technical University Sound Design Program.

He played in the album recordings as well as at the live stage performances with local and foreign musicians in many genres such as Classical, Jazz, Blues, Turkish Art Music, Latin, Electronic and Experimental Music. He performed with the leading art organizations in Turkey such as Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, Cemal Reşit Rey Symphonic Orchestra, Antalya State Symphonic Orchestra, Istanbul State Theatre and Emin Fındıkoğlu "Unique Horns" Band.

With his long-standing band Gevende, they took part in various festivals in Europe, such as Womex, Popkom, Mimi, Babel Med and many more. Gevende released one live and three studio albums, and a soundtrack album for the video game Monochroma.

He composed music for Substratum Aerial Dance and Mapping Show and Bristol Circus Company in the U.K. with Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç which won “European Mapping Awards - Best Live Production” prize in Lille, France and "Theatre and Tech Awards - Creative innovation in Sound" in U.K . He produced and played for various art projects from different disciplines; Tork Dance Company, Çıplak Ayaklar Dance Company, “OnAir” Dance and Flying Effects Show at Scenography Biennale (Stuttgart) and ResFest Video Festival.

He produced his first solo album Ekim in October 2020 published by Lu Records.

Currently, he creates brass, strings and synthesizer arrangements for various projects and he plays with Gökhan Türkmen, Melis Danişmend, Efe Demiral and Cava Grande on stage.

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